Talia is a Christian Business Coach who gives online entrepreneurs all the strategies they need to breakthrough and book clients consistently. She went from consistent failures, hardships, and struggle to finally breaking through and actively creating the life she always wanted.

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I am a multi passionate serial entrepreneur! Think of me as your business BFF that teaches you ALL the things. Find me on IG rockin the online business space or running my dementia caregiving company part-time!

Grab your favorite notebook because I am about to spill the TEA. 
All of my secrets from creating amazing offers to marketing them successfully! I focus on helping you create a CEO mindset, then we dive deep into how to attract dream clients! Are you ready?

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1:1 Biz + Strategy Coaching

I am both your Business Coach and Marketing BFF. I am here to map out the strategy and provide you a step by step plan to create offers your audience wants, and attract dream clients and abundance to your business.

Ideal client clarity, social media strategy, creating irresistible offers, sales strategies, funnels, client attraction, CEO mindset, email sequencing, and launching!? Don’t worry, girl I got you.


Coaching Programs


This is the exact course you need if you have an amazing service that is not selling and bringin' in the big bucks. In this program we dive deep into attraction marketing and get clear on how to sell, launch, and market like a BOSS. No more awkward sales convos. No more posting random things hoping and praying your audience bites the offer. You will be learning how to find, track, nurture, and convert leads with a fire launch strategy. 

I am teaching you exactly how I manifested 100% of my vision board in 2020 and hit every goal I set for myself. In this program, we dive deep into how to build confidence, manifest, stop self-sabotage, slay limiting beliefs, detach from the outcome, and everything you need to create a more abundant life full of happiness and clients.

8 week 1:1 program

8 week intimate coaching program

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Binge worthy training

Learn how to confidently book your next high ticket client with ease. This is a 3 part course where I teach you how to pre-qualify your lead like a BOSS (so you already know that they are ready to work with you), show up to the call knowing exactly what to say to get them super excited THEN you learn how to overcome any objection they may have! It is all in there girl!

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