I'm Christian Business Coach who gives online entrepreneurs all the strategies they need to breakthrough and book clients consistently. I went from consistent failures, hardships, and struggle to finally breaking through and actively creating the life I've always wanted. Let me show you how.

-Talia Lopez

Talia is the proud founder of both Always Advocating and Dementia Care Advocates, a dementia caregiving company dedicated to educating families on how to care for their loved ones with dementia. If you are interested in taking the caregiving course or volunteering in the Cards for Seniors or Companion Callers outreach...

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You're in the right place if you are a Christian entrepreneur wanting to breakthrough and start living the beautiful life God designed for you.

OX Talia

Think of me as your Business & Marketing BFF. I am here to map out a strategy and provide you a step by step plan to create offers your audience wants and attract dream clients without the overwhelm. This is for the women that have tried it all, and maybe even invested in another coach before, but are still not getting results. There is a reason I call myself a business breakthrough coach. When my clients come to me I focus on their whole business. I help them see which areas need improvement (sales, marketing, mindset, launching, etc). After this coaching, expect a breakthrough! This is a high level investment for a completely life changing experience. Just listen to my client Jada.

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1:1 Biz + Strategy Coaching


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the sales calls course

In order to create consistent cash flow, you must master your sales, mindset,  marketing, and messaging. In the Monthly Mastermind, we focus on a different area of your business each month so you can say bye to inconsistency. This group is filled with Christian women ready to help you grow your business, love your life, and create massive impact. 

This is the exact program you need if you have an amazing service that is not selling. We dive deep into attraction marketing and getting clear on how to create, sell, launch, and market any offers with fun, authentic methods. No more awkward sales convos. No more posting random things hoping people buy. No more cold pitching or messaging first! My goal for you is to create an offer and marketing plan that gets your audience asking to work with you.  You will also be diving into everything you need to start scaling to those higher cash months. After this program, you will have a breakthrough!

Mastermind style Membership 

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12 week coaching program

previously named launch sell repeat undergoing a rebrand!

the ultimate 

sales calls course

Learn how to confidently book your next high ticket client with ease. This is a 3 part course where I teach you how to pre-qualify your lead like a BOSS (so you already know that they are ready to work with you), show up to the call knowing exactly what to say to get them super excited THEN you learn how to overcome any objection they may have! It is all in there girl!

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