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Transformational Books (not your average boring book BUT amazing tangible business changing reads)

This book helped me write the copy "words" for my website and all of my sales pages. It is amazing hands down.

This book was the turning point in my personal life. This is when I started having more time, started loving each day, and started truly believing in myself.

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This was the book that turned my business around. I started feeling more aligned and more money started flowing to me. This is my favorite book to this day.

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Amazon laptop stand for your Zoom meetings. This will seriously change your life. You needed this yesterday!

The Square appointment app and The Square website on desktop is amazing as well. I recommend joining (it is free) by downloading the Square Appointments app. It is easier to use that the desktop version. You can send invoices, schedule appointments, and they send text reminders. They do so much more too! HIGHLY recommend

YAY! I love Trello. This is what I use to track my leads and manage my team. Many coaches use it for productivity as well. It is hard to explain everything they do over text, so download and check it out. It is seriously amazing I promise:)

Google Keep is the go to app to help you stay up to date on your team or clients. This app is like a checklist app. Every time I get off a call with a client, I send them an action to-do checklist through Google Keep. Plus, it is shared. It is awesome!

business must haves

lifestyle must haves!

I do my own nails and they look amazing! No more spending $40 for beautiful nails...try Peppi Gel. Click above for $15 with my code. It is super easy and just the bomb!

GIRL!!! This is the BEST undies subscription in the world. I have been with them for a year now. They are super cute and super affordable. Click above and use my link to get 50% off! Usually it is only $15 for two + free shipping. TREAT YO SELF!

Oh yeah! Another subscription! This one is da I get monthly new razor heads for my Billie razor. It comes in the cutest box, this is a must have. Stop shopping at Walmart every month and shop Billie!

Yes, I am the subscription queen lol, but this one is also a must have! IPSY is a makeup subscription that is to die for. You can choose between different plans. I, of course, get the big box! BUT there is still a very affordable smaller box that is shipped free as well. Highly encourage you to treat your self with this one!

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