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Don't you just HATE when you get on sales calls with "potential" clients that say they don't have the time or money. I used to hate this too. I will be walking you through how to pre-qualify your leads so that you can get on calls with people who have money, want a transformation, and are ready to invest.

Evaluate who you are getting on calls with. Are they random cold leads? Are they people you have never had a conversation with? My favorite is when people used to book a call with me without messaging me or applying to anything. I wasn't sure where they came from or what we were going to talk about. Make sure that you only get on calls with people you know well. I removed my booking links and only gave them to people who have applied 1st. This leads me to

Have a casual convo first, then send them the correct application. All the sales pages for each of my services have different applications. I use Google Forms. It is free, simple, and they send you an email when someone applies. If you didn't have an initial conversation with them before they applied, that is okay. Make sure to ask for their Instagram or Facebook handle so you can message them. Example: Someone says they want to work with you, you say "OMG yay tell me a little bit about you and your goals" ....long story short...then send them the application, so you are prepared for the call. Example: Someone applies and you have no clue who they are. Direct message them and thank them for applying. Build a relationship with them before the call.

Make sure your application is fire. What is "fire"? It is when you ask them their IG or FB handle, ask them about their goals (so you know they are an ideal client before the call), ask them why they chose this program, ask them if they are 100% committed, and ask them if they are ready to invest a low 3 figure investment. (you can put the actual price if you are comfortable with it)
Make sure to ask them if they are ready to invest and then have the answer choices be
1. Yes I am so excited to invest in (transformation).
2. Yes I am ready to (transformation), but I do not have all the money. I am willing to go on payment plans.
3. No I do not have the money and I am not ready to invest.

Only get on calls with people who are the right fit. Don't get on a call with someone to try to convince them (insert your solutions). Only get on calls with people you think would be a great fit. There is definitely more to this process, but I didn't want to write you a book!

If you have any question or comments please drop them below, and our team will be happy to reach out. Also, don't forget to grab your FREE SALES CALL SCRIPT below. I am super pumped to help you with this process. IF you are ready to nail this process then The Slay Your Sales Calls Mini Course is for you. I'll be giving you my exact application, sales call process from starting the convo to getting them on the call, smashing the call, and how to slay objections. Click here for more info. Again, super pumped to start this blog and honored to be your business coach.

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Saturday, JUNE 6th 2020

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I'll be giving you my exact application, sales call process from starting the convo to getting them on the call, smashing the call, and how to slay objections.


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