A membership to help you grow your business, love your life, and create massive impact

Not your average membership

Community* Growth* support* coaching*

Just so you know, this program was previously named The Mastermind and was rebranded and redesigned to be even more amazing!

This is for you if...

-You're excited to show up and learn how to attract more clients

-You want to connect with other women entrepreneurs that "get it" and truly want to help you grow your business

-You want more engagement on your IG posts

-You want help, but can not afford high ticket coaching

-You want to get valuable advice and coaching

Why do you need this program and how is this membership different?

Why most memberships suck? Let's be honest..

1. You get no 1:1 coaching time with the coach
2. You don't learn things that YOU need help with
3. It is not personal and super vague
4. It ends up being something that runs in the background that you lose interest in

This program is 100% for you if you want a coach to guide you to book more clients and achieve more abundance in your life. This program is a high touch 1:1 coaching membership.

What does this mean? 
You will get 1:1 coaching from me, Talia. Plus,  a lot of group support to cheer you on.

This is the only membership I know that is 1:1 and group coaching styled

You will always be supported and always know what steps you need to take to start attracting success


What are other members saying

Boss Babes

The Advocating



Membership Details

What is included?

IG genuine engagement group

Monthly themed training by Talia

1 1:1 session w/ Talia monthly 

Access to my resource vault (trainings, freebies, scripts, guides) 

Access to all my trainings

Monthly co working brainstorming session

Get more genuine likes and comments all of your posts

Each month you will vote on its theme! 1 x a month you will get trained on this topic

Each month you get coached privately by Talia on anything you need help with

EVERYTHING my VIP clients get, you will receive. This is an amazing plug and play way to book clients

You will get a course for this membership. In the course you will get all membership trainings PLUS any training recordings I do with my Instagram audience

You will have the opportunity brainstorm launching, freebie, or content ideas with the ladies. This is your time for q&a and to get feedback on anything you are working on.





Vip member

Comes with everything above except the 1:1 session with Talia!

It is $222 per hour session if you would like to add sessions and
$111 a week for VOXER (coaching in your pocket 5 days a week)

$111 Monthly for 3 months

 $333 Monthly for 3 months

Comes with everything above!

support + coaching= a next level business

I am a multi passionate serial entrepreneur! Think of me as your business BFF that teaches you ALL the things. Find me on IG rockin the online business space! 

So, grab your favorite notebook because I am about to spill the TEA. 
All of my secrets from creating amazing offers to marketing them like a boss! I focus on helping you create a CEO mindset, then we dive deep into how to attract dream clients! Are you ready?

Hey, Girl i'm

Spiritual Business Coach &
Online Marketing Expert


What are they saying?

How long is the membership?

If you get accepted into the program, it is a 3 month commitment. Every 3 months you must re-apply to join each round:) 


ABSOLUTELY! With the VIP, you will get a private 1:1 session with Talia monthly!


This is a 3 month commitment, so after the 3 months you are free to cancel! BUT I know you won't ;)


Every month you get to vote on the theme BUT I am only accepting women in the program that are currently struggling to have 5k consistent months, so you guys will be needing help with similar things. All things ranging from making sales, launching, attracting clients, sales page help to CEO mindset work! Anything


1 hour max weekly :)


I will be re-opening enrollment every 3-4 months.


Yes! The VIP comes with a private 1:1 session but you can totally add another  a call.
It is $111 per hour session and
$111 a week for VOXER (coaching in your pocket 5 days a week)

Why should i JOin

This is hands down the best coaching deal I have seen from an expert. You will get support and coaching! I am extremely excited to bring this program back and make it better than ever! You want in...I promise you:)

Who is it NOT for?

This is not for you if
o You have a "unsure" attitude towards you business
o You quit when it gets tough
o You don't like building genuine relationships with other women
I am only accepting women that are 100% ready to take their business to the next level

This is not for you if you are not going to show up for the training 100% ready to learn and implement 

This is not for you if you are looking for a "quick fix". This membership is designed to give you long-term success

If you are like "That's not me!" Then I encourage you to apply:)


Jackie | @lustandwander.creative

"This girl knows her stuff"

I took Talia's course and let me tell you, it was straight up fire! This girl knows her stuff and she has a very clear, direct and simple way of explaining the process from start to finish. She sets you up for success on both Insta and Facebook and digs deep into the little details that are so essential to making the platforms work. It was such a great course! Plus, Talia is super sweet and helpful if you have any additional questions about anything 🥰

Kris | @kbphotography418

"My biz has grown, from more followers to more clients"

Working with Talia was the best thing I could do for my business! Since I started working with Talia my business has grown, from more followers to more clients booking with me. Not only is Talia a great business woman, she’s all the sweetest most funny girl ever! I absolutely love working with her and I can’t wait for our next coaching session! If you have your own business or thinking about starting one but don’t know where to start definitely go to Talia!

Kitty | @kittypackmanlmft

"Working with her has DRASTICALLY improved my business and my confidence in being an entrepreneur

Talia is the ultimate online marketing coach. She is an expert in the field and has such a wide span of knowledge on running an online business. She is such a sweetheart and is such a present and available coach. Working with her has DRASTICALLY improved my business and my confidence in being an entrepreneur.

Rae | @raemeghanshapiro

"Within a week of signing with her, I booked two clients"

Talia is an incredible coach. Not only is she down-to-earth and easy to work with, but she also has a no-BS approach to teaching. Within a week of signing with her, I booked two clients, and by the time we had finished, I had three more. I can’t recommend her enough- she’s amazing!

Harleny | @yourevolvedmind

"Together we created a plan step by step."

My experience working with Talia has been absolutely amazing. She's so knowledgable on launching and the creation of a service. Trust me I knew nothing! Together we created a plan step by step. She held my hand and she showed me the way. She's so nice and she really listens to you and helps you every step of the way. I defiantly recommend her 100%. That's my girl.

Shaquana | @journey_with_shaquana40

"She wants you to succeed and holds you accountable to keep you focused"

Talia has been a GREAT business coach in helping me start online. She has been extremely accessible and willing to answer any questions or concerns throughout my time with her. She sincerely wants you to succeed and holds you accountable to keep you focused so you don't have any thoughts of giving up on yourself. I was nervous at 1st, I am glad that I was willing to take a chance, and I do not regret my decision. 

Evelyn | @evelyn_little_lady_teacher

"Talia is my chosen someone"

Working with Talia was a breath of fresh air! As a new business owner, I needed someone to explain to me how to take my business to the next level. Talia is my chosen someone. Talia’s prices and value outshine any other business coach I’ve encountered.  She connected the dots for me, and my online school is flourishing and thriving! I definitely suggest hiring her. She’s a brilliant, powerful, personable game changer!

Kelley | Fb Group: Love Tribe- Women supporting Women

"She is truly there for you. I feel seen and heard in every interaction."

I have spent a lot of money trying to figure out how to, or even if I was capable of doing an online course. Talia makes it fun, easy and so very informative. Her price is very reasonable, Talia herself is so approachable and caring. She is truly there for you. I feel seen and heard in every interaction. I am so enthusiastic ! If you are considering doing a course with Talia, I've done a lot of research, jump in and do it!

Brittany | @brittanyannetwbd

"She goes above and beyond to help her clients and followers to reach their goals"

Talia is awesome! She is one of the sweetest, most generous, most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. She uses her knowledge and success to help other people, going above and beyond to help her clients and followers to reach their goals. She is thorough, responsive, and VERY understanding. My favorite thing about Talia is that you can talk to her for five minutes and know that she just "gets it." Definitely recommend her for all your biz needs! ♥


I am so pumped you are chosing to apply and finally be a part of a sisterhood!

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on IG @Always.Advocating. I am 100% transparent and honest with the expectations for you and me :)

Can't wait to meet you!