HOw to Manifest dream clients

Hey loves! This week is all about manifesting your dream clients into your business. First we are going to dive into 2 universal laws that you must know and practice before you can start manifesting. Then, I'll give you my 5 step process to manifesting dream clients! 


Manifestation is the phenomenon that occurs when something that was originally part of your imagination becomes actualized into your reality. Example: I told myself I was going to book 3 dream clients on a Monday. I detached from the outcome, took inspired action, trusted the universe, BAM that Friday I hit 18k in sales. I am going to teach you how.

The Law of Attraction is super simple, like attracts like. Let's say that you have a goal to book 10 clients for your new program that's launching this month. But you don't truly believe in your heart that it's possible. The universe will not give you those 10 clients because like attracts like! You need to start really believing that your program is amazing, your launching strategy is A1, and that your dream clients are already on their way. Then you will start seeing the results you want because the universe will give you what you 100% believe.

The Law of Action is sooo important. After you put your order into the universe you can't just sit on the couch and do nothing, waiting for clients to slide into your DMs. You need to take inspired action to bring you closer towards your desire while remaining detached from the outcome. You need a real launching strategy that works, a sales and marketing plan that converts, and a great coach that can show you how to do these things the right way. Then you'll start seeing those ideal clients coming into your DMs left and right! 

Okay, now I'm going to really spill the tea. Here is my 5 step process for manifesting dream clients.

1. Put your order in

Just like you're shopping on Amazon, you're going to tell the universe exactly what it is that you want.

2. Journal on it daily

Journal as if it's already on its way and it has already happened for you! Say how excited and grateful you are for the clients that are on their way.

3. Sticky note your goal

Put your goal on a sticky note and look at it daily. Feel excited and happy when you look at it because you know that it is on its way. Remember. Like attracts like.

4. Go about your business

When you order a package from Amazon you just sit and wait for it to come. You don't micromanage the process and try to make it happen faster. Same thing with your business. You need to show up how you normally do and stay detached from the outcome.

5. Don't lose hope 

Never give up on your goal. You need to be just as confident on the last day of your launch that you were on day one. Show up with enthusiasm and don't be discouraged because you know that clients are coming.

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