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Alright! Today's topic is all about launching! Most people will tell you that having a successful launch consists of 80% mindset and 20% strategy. So we are going to dive deep into what exactly having a CEO Mindset means for you, and why it is so important for your business. 


CEO Mindset is when you start acting like and thinking like your higher 6 figure self. This means that whatever your higher self would do, you need to do too. If your goal is to become a 6-figure coach, how can you show up every day like she would? Would that involve you taking a day off during your launch to watch Netflix? No way, your higher self would be promoting the best that she could every day. Alright, I'm going to give you three key things that will help you stop self-sabotaging and  have a really good CEO Mindset for your next launch!

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts you have that are holding you back from becoming a 6-figure coach. I used to tell myself things like, "Oh, I'll create the slides for my program when someone joins." Or, "Yeah, I'll upgrade my website once I start booking more clients." But my higher 6-figure self wouldn't think or act like that. You have to embody the coach that you want to be in order to achieve the goals that you want to reach. And this can look like showing up on your story everyday, even before you have a big audience.

You need to show up as yourself because that will attract people to you who are genuinely interested in who you really are. Then you can build a real relationship with them and find out if they truly need your help without being salesy and coming from a place of fear that people won't want your offer. You should be so excited to promote your offer because it's really going to transform someone's life! Imagine if you had the cure for cancer. You wouldn't be afraid to give it to people at all! 

I have had plenty of clients tell me that they feel like they're being annoying when they are showing up on their story every day to promote an offer. When in reality, research shows that people need to see an offer 8-13 times before they will commit to buying it. It is totally okay to talk about your services a lot because whoever you are annoying isn't an ideal client and wasn't going to book with you anyway.

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You're not annoying

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