How to get your audience to buy now!

Let's start with what it means to get your audience "fearful of missing out" on your offer also knows as FOMO. FOMO is when you create an offer and make it "oh so juicy" that your audience has to buy today. This is an amazing marketing strategy I use to empower my audience to buy, NOT pressure them. Keep this in mind when you use this strategy. 

1. Scarcity 
2. Incentive
3. Inclusivity  
4. Urgency
5. Exclusivity 

They don't want to...
1. Stay where they are (they want a transformation) 
2. Miss out on overcoming their struggles
3. Miss out on something life-changing
4. Miss out on a DEAL
5. Miss out on the fun

"I only have 5 spots left!!!"
"I am only opening 2 spots on Monday, so be the 1st to apply"
This makes your audience take action now!
They don't want to wait and risk not having a seat at the table.  

"Take action now & get an extra 1:1 session with me"
"Take action in the next 48hrs & get a free course with purchase"
This makes them take action at that very moment!
They might just be on the fence, so an extra WOW bonus/feature will help them say YES.

"She's in" "Sharron said YES to success"
Showcase who has chosen to take action to join your program or service.
This makes them want to be included!
It helps people feel confident to make an investment if they know other people are investing in you too.

"Cart closes in 48hrs"
This makes them decide and not "think about it". This is key. You have to have a cart closing date & don't have it open more than a week or two. Give daily reminders! 

"Waitlist gets 40% OFF"
This makes them sign up to your waitlist where you can nurture them even more. This gets them on your email list. They NEED that discount or incentive, so they will sign up to learn more about it.

But not pressure your audience...then you will look pushy or salesy.
You will use FOMO to inspire and empower them to make a choice to change their lives.

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