You were slapped with a diagnosis but no instruction manual... And you don't need another doctor giving you their condolences, you need answers.

Dementia Care Advocates are not only dementia caregiving specialists, they are experienced caregivers.

Our courses are very informative and easy to digest. We educate you about how to understand dementia in order to make caregiving less stressful for caregivers and better for those suffering from dementia. We are your instruction manual.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to keep your loved one home and as independent as possible, but caregiving is becoming tough.

You wish you knew how to manage behaviors or help in some way.

Your loved one is behaving so differently, and you're not sure what is going on.

You are tired of Google searches and want real answers.

You are so stressed trying to care for your loved one that it is negatively affecting your family.

You want to learn a caregiving approach that makes your loved one more willing to cooperate.

You want.... I could go on and on. The point is you need help, and you have come to the right place.

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our mission

Our mission at Dementia Care Advocates is to make caregiving better for those with dementia AND less stressful for caregivers. 

We believe in learning caregiving from experienced and educated caregivers.

We want to share our approach to caregiving that is both effective and easy to understand. Our goal is to continue to educate caregivers worldwide on dementia, dementia behaviors, managing dementia behaviors, caregiving, and caregiver stress. All in the comfort of your home!

Dementia course info

"Talia Lopez and her team are true dementia care advocates and their very-well put together course is a reflection of that caring. As someone with dementia, her tips are spot on. They will help YOU and ultimately, ME. The course is full of useful information and is easy to go through. And fun! I took the course myself because I try to take as many courses as possible to learn about my disease. Talia's lessons are among the best. Thank you, my friend for being a dementia care advocate!" -James Hamilton

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objectives part 1

Be able to understand dementia.
Learn the different types of dementia.
Learn what is affected by the different types of dementia.
Important facts and figures about dementia.
Finally be able to understand how dementia is through their eyes.
Learn the progressive stages of dementia and how they affect a person's ability to perform activities.
Learn how the brain deteriorates.
List seven skills affected by dementia.
Learn how you can help with each affected skill.
Be able to discuss the differences between normal aging, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
Learn what activities they can be performed at each stage.

Understand Dementia and Your Loved One: Making Caregiving Easier

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objectives part 2

Learn the ADVOCATES approach acronym in detail and how it helps those with dementia feel safe and more willing to cooperate.
Learn person-centered care VS task-centered care.
Learn why person-centered approaches help you connect with individuals and make caregiving better for individuals with dementia.
Learn what dementia-related behaviors mean.
Learn how to manage dementia-related behaviors such as wandering, repeating, and paranoia with our approach.
Learn to understand the verbal and physical messages delivered by someone with dementia and identify strategies to help you connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.
Learn the correct approaches to communicate, bathe, feed, dress, etc.
Learn how to recognize caregiver stress.
Read heartfelt letters to caregivers from individuals with dementia.
And most importantly, learn how to take care of yourself by using our caregiving stress tips.

Understand Dementia and Your Loved One: Making Caregiving Easier

online course information 

online course


why did we create this?

As a loved one progresses through the stages of dementia, families find that they have more questions than answers. They may not know what their next steps should be to respond effectively to changes in physical ability, communication, behavior and cognition. Being a caregiver does not come with an instruction manual, and we know that having a family member who suffers from dementia is very difficult. This is why we have created courses that will help you care for your loved one and yourself.

The purpose of this engaging, easy to understand course is to provide caregivers with the knowledge to offer confident, responsive and appropriate care within their own care environment. By understanding dementia, you are able to understand a loved one or resident better which enhances the way YOU care! This course contains informative content, audio, video, & info-graphs to help YOU on your caregiving journey!

Understand Dementia and Your Loved One: Making Caregiving Easier

online course

The purpose. 


We all have experienced a time where someone with dementia shouted, hit, or refused to cooperate with their care. This course will help you investigate the root of those behaviors and help you learn the proper ways to limit these reactions. We added videos, audios, and great photos to help you stay happily engaged!

why education is so important!

We have all experienced a time where someone with dementia shouted, hit, or refused to cooperate with their care. This course will help you investigate the root cause of those behaviors and teach you the proper ways to limit those reactions. We have included video, audio, and great images to help you stay happily engaged!

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Finally Get Clarity On How Dementia Works, How To Manage Behaviors, And How To Have Less Stress


Imagine having everything in front of you, explaining what is happening to your loved one and why.

Imagine having inside info on what will happen to your loved one during the stages to come so you can be prepared.

Imagine knowing all the symptoms of dementia so that you know for sure it's the dementia and not something else.

Imagine knowing how dementia feels for them.

Imagine understanding what is affected by dementia and how you can help with those affected skills.

Imagine having a caregiving approach that makes your loved one comfortable enough to cooperate with you.

Imagine having an approach that makes certain dementia behaviors avoidable.

Imagine knowing what NOT to do...

Dementia course info

our courses were created by caregivers for 


meet our team

Talia Lopez, CDS
Dementia Specialist, Founder, Friend
Talia Lopez is a dementia specialist and family caregiver. She's cared for many women with dementia like her grandma and was a live-in caregiver for many private clients. She always knew working with individuals with dementia was her passion. She was a caregiver for some time then proceeded to study this field in college and later on became a CARES® Dementia Specialist™. Becoming educated in gerontology has opened her heart up to the hardships of dementia. The most important issue that was brought to her attention was the lack of proper education. Through her schooling and caregiving experience, She decided to start Dementia Care Advocates (DCA). DCA are educators that are educating families on how to care for those with dementia efficiently, effectively, and passionately with their approach. She absolutely loves working with seniors and loves seeing the positive change in caregivers lives. She is fulfilling her dream of working to change the world of gerontology. 

James Hamilton, CDP
Dementia Professional, Advocate, Inside man
James Hamilton was a professional speaker, professional college student, retail management guru, a facilitator and program designer in global training/development for a major oil company, a teacher in Physics/Anatomy and Physiology, and Mathematics, a rideshare driver, AND a standup comedian. His current profession is as a patient dying from progressive vascular dementia. To learn more about dementia, James did extensive research and interviews, started a Facebook group dedicated to information and support and wrote a book about his personal journey. The hippopotamus in his kitchen encouraged him to write down his journey in a blog to share his experience and provide encouragement for those dealing with cognitive impairment. Most recently, he became a certified dementia professional...with dementia.

Frank Granett RPH
Pharmacist, Nutritional Consultant, Advocate 
Frank is a Board Certified pharmacist State of Michigan for 32 years and nutritional consultant for 26 years. He is author of The American Epidemic: Solutions for Overmedicating Our Youth, and founder of the non-profit educational public charity, Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth ( CAOOY), whose mission is to help children and adults battling neurobehavioral conditions determine root cause of symptoms prior to premature drug therapy. 

Nicole Broadhurst BCPA
Patient Advocate
Nicole is a 27 year healthcare insider; Board Certified Patient Advocate and founder of
Tennessee Health Advocates LLC where she helps patients and families nationwide eliminate the stress and confusion of the healthcare system with tools and resources so they can focus on their health and those they love.

Dr. Stephanie Gracey PharmD Founder, Continuing Health Rx
Ann McMahon RGN, BA,MA, Lic. Ac. Nurse in elderly care, acupuncturist, nurse coach: selfcare
Amy Henrickson, RN and family caregiver