If you are finally ready to stop wondering why no one is wanting to sign up for your offers...then you are in the right place. Your content plays a huge role in empowering your audience to buy whatever it is you are launching.

When I am posting I categorize my posts in three ways. Storytelling/Authority

I use the 33% rule when NOT in a launch week and the 50% 25% rule when I am in launch mode.

Launch mode
Storytelling/Authority 25%
Promoting 50%
Educating 25%

Not in launch mode
Storytelling/Authority 33%
Promoting 33%
Educating 33%

Now let's break down what each mean

Why do we need it?
This type of content shows our audience that we get results and we are an inspiration.

What does this content look like? This is when you tell a story about how you got from point A to finding point B to achieving point C. This is also when you show your audience how you helped a client achieve the same. Here is an example

Why do we need it? We can be inspiration all day long, but if we don't sell, we don't sell, we don't make money.

Promoting doesn't only mean selling. Selling every week can become stressful, so make sure to promote freebies as well to give yourself a break.

If you aren't to the point that you are readu to sell then offer 30 minute free session or ANYTHING. Promoting is important
Here is an example post.

This one is probably the easiest to understand. You need to be creating posts educating your audience on your content pillars. Example: I am a business coach and I help women in 4 areas. (CEO Mindset, Business, Marketing, Sales). So I educate my audience on different tips and tricks. 

The goal is to become soooo valuable and give as much education as you possibly can. The more valuable your page is the more your audience will see you are someone worth investing in.

If you story tell too much, your audience will think you talk about yourself too much and they won't think you are valuable. They might also comment "so inspiring" wayyyy too much which equals no sales.

If you promote too much then your audience will think all you sell and that's annoying.

If you post only education then your audience will think your page is just a page to get help. They won't think you are actually someone with a business and someone they can buy from.

To  wrap up, remember the 33% rule and life by it.

I also created a posting strategy post that is super super helpful here

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FRIDAY, JUNE 12th 2020

storytelling/authority building content

Promotion Content

Educational Content

It is important to remember...

Creating COntent that converts

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