What is a CEO mindset? What is “becoming your higher self”?

Let’s break it down! In order to become the person that you want to be you must start doing the things that person does....TODAY!

I love talking about CEO mindset and mentally becoming a 6 figure coach, so I am here to spill the tea on what you need to be doing to become successful.

What do you want to become? Who do you want to become? How does that person feel? What does that person look like? How does that person sell? How does that person show up everyday?
What does her day look like?

You have to get so super clear on what you want to create. What you want to have. You have to make a request to the universe and make known what you want before they can help you.

You need to start creating a plan on how you will start removing the negativity and things that aren’t serving you.

You can even ask yourself: what are some qualities I have today that my future self does not have? Get crystal clear.

For me, my future self has a team. She has a high ticket coach to help her. She wakes up everyday with intention and a plan. She does work long hours. She loves selling, loves teaching and loves supporting her ideal clients. She doesn’t work with people with low energy. She doesn’t procrastinate. She is not a perfectionist. Etc

Invest in yourself and your business. Read personal development books and make it a priority.
Use the knowledge and take inspired action. We can write all day long about all of the things that we want to become. It isn’t until we start implementing and taking action that we will see massive results.

That’s why I created Rewire Your Mind to Manifest Abundance. It is a step by step guide to start rewiring your mind to become your higher self.

We dive deep into mindset, money, abundance and manifestation. We will create an amazing money mindset and we’ll create an action plan so that you can start attracting the income you need. We will dive deep into CEO mindset vs a self-sabotaging mindset. We will start creating your business based off of your happiness and less off of hustling and working hard. We will also dive deep into manifesting amazing things in your personal life and business

If you are looking to...
book more clients
gain more confidence
gain massive clarity
attract more money
slay imposter syndrome
make peace with failure
detach from outcomes
create a 6 figure coach mindset
& start manifesting goals
Then you should check out Rewire you Mind to Manifest Abundance below.

Always Advocating,
Talia Lopez
Business Coach

FRIDAY, JUNE 12th 2020

Step 1. Take out your journal

Step 2: What will you no longer tolerate? What is not serving you? What might be blocking you from becoming a 6 figure coach?

Step three: Make sure everyday you are working on becoming better. 

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