this bundle is purposely made to blow your mind

This is NOT a course or resource that will get dusty on your computer. This is a resource you will use every time you launch, every time you get on a sales call, every time you create a new service, and every time you sell in the DMs.


It's only $99

This bundle has scripts, step-by-step guides, and video training for EVERYTHING

o You are currently winging your posts with no strategy
o You aren't selling out your launches
o You get on sales conversations that go south
o You feel like you are vigorously looking for people to join your programs
o You are tired of convincing people your services are awesome

What is in this bundle? & Do you REALLY need it?

This bundle is for you if...

She hit her first 5k month

I get results

They get results

Slay sales calls 

This is a 3 part course to help you confidently close sales calls with ease. I carefully created each section to equip you with the knowledge you need to...

Pre-qualify your leads so you get on calls with people that already want your stuff. 
Create a call process that has your potential client excited to buy.
Be confident in your ability to slay objections and
Follow up like a boss!

I promise you this is hands down the only resource you need to start converting your calls to moneyyyy. Plus, you get my high converting sales call script!


This is seriously everything you need to plan out a successful launch. I must warn you though, this resource is super jam packed. I walk you through what to do during each of the 4 weeks of your launch. I teach you how to warm up your audience, what to post, how to show up, and how to make your offer irresistible. I teach you what a launch even is and share some super funny and relatable analogies to help you understand the process.

1 year product suite clarity builder guide

This one might sound boring and "unnecessary" but I promise you this is the resource you need to scale from 1-10 clients to multiple 10k months. I teach you how to create a product suite so that you are not launching the same 2 things each month. I teach you how to plan your year or the next 6 months of business. All successful business owners have a year product suite strategy and I am sharing how to create one that gives you massive clarity about your business direction.


Warning: I am against pitching to cold leads. You will use the launching plan 1st to warm leads up then use these scripts to pitch your services to hot juicy leads. This script has brought me and my clients over 20k in sales this year. Girl, you need this like yesterday.

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