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Let's talk sales calls. Don't you just HATE when you get on sales calls with "potential" clients that say they don't have the time or money. I used to hate this too. In this post, I will be walking you through how to pre-qualify your leads so that you can get on calls with people who have money, want a transformation, and are ready to invest.

How to Slay Sales Calls

Saturday, June 6th

What is a CEO mindset? What is “becoming your higher self”?

Let’s break it down! In order to become the person that you want to be you must start doing the things that person does....TODAY!
I love talking about CEO mindset and mentally becoming a 6 figure coach, so I am here to spill the tea on what you need to be doing to become successful.

Creating a CEO mindset to help you book more clients

Friday, June 12th

Let's start with what it means to get your audience "fearful of missing out" also knows as FOMO. FOMO is when you create an offer and make it "oh so juicy" that your audience has to buy today. This is an amazing marketing strategy I use to empower my audience to buy, NOT pressure them. Keep this in mind when you use this strategy. 


Monday, June 15th

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